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Professional Firework Shows


Pyrotechnic Displays

We can shoot professional firework shows for just about any event big or small! If you want to make your special event unforgettable then look no further! We will dazzle and excite your guests with a beautiful Pyrotechnic Display they won't soon forget!


            Venues Include:

Special Events         Weddings

Private Parties        Celebrations

Fairs                              Festivals

Parades                       Municipalities

Sporting events      Resorts

Theme Parks            Public display shows


We can fire shows electronically completely synchronized to the beat of the music! These shows are known as Pyromusicals, which can drastically enhance any fireworks show! Imagine having a spectacular fireworks show on your special day, all timed perfectly with your favorite songs.  We can choose the music for you, or you can select your own and we will custom design the show.

We will also supply the professional sound system for the pyromusical show at your event, so there is nothing for you to do, we can take care of it all!

Pyromusicals takes a regular fireworks  display and turns it into a spectacular production!  

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We take care of everything

L&L Fireworks exercises the highest safety standards and protocols when shooting our shows. 

We can also handle all the paperwork, site plans, liability insurance and permits dealing directly with your event’s local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), allowing you to focus on other things for your event.

We also look after the clean up and proper disposal of the used product after each show. 

Types of Shows

We can shoot both 1.4 (consumer product) and 1.3 (professional product) class fireworks in our shows, allowing us to offer shows to fit any size, venue or budget!

We electronically fire our shows but also have the experience and expertise to hand fire shows in certain instances if needed. 

We can design and shoot firework shows with or without music. 


We can cater to any event, any budget and any show duration, big or small! Prices per show vary based on duration, location, size of show, and the client's budget. 

Let us dazzle your guests with a show they won't soon forget! 

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